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Tag: Algorithm

Google Changes Search Console Algorithm for Counting Image Impressions
Google has announced a change to how image impressions are counted in Search Console, effective April 6....
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Google Search Experiencing Issues With Mobile Indexing and Canonicalization
Google has confirmed it is dealing with two separate issues with its search, one impacting mobile indexing and the other canonicalization....
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Robot Analyzes Your Gait to Detect Your Feelings
Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed ProxEmo, an “end-to-end emotion prediction algorithm for socially aware robot navigation am...
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Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse
Twitter has a known and admitted problem with abusive content – one that truly embodies the phrase “no silver bullet.” How do you stop p...
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Matt Cutts Discusses The Google Algorithm
Google has released a new Webmaster Help video in which head of webspam Matt Cutts discusses the Google algorithm and how it ranks results on a page. ...
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Facebook Asks Just How Friendly You Are with Your Friends in Attempt to Improve News Feed
Facebook is taking a new, proactive approach to tweaking their news feed algorithm, in an attempt to “show you more interesting updates.” ...
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Google’s Algorithm Changes: History of Search
No doubt Google has been one of the most influential characters on the internet and the search giant has changed the way we view the world and interac...
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Drug Side Effects Discovered With Computer Algorithm
A week ago, you started a new prescription medication for acne. Today, you feel dizzy and short of breath and have difficulty concentrating. Your symp...
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Google’s Ad Related Algorithm Update Analyzed By Experts
We’ve covered the topic of Google’s latest update, and tried to raise important questions regarding the implications of the update. What d...
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How Is Google’s Algorithm Update Determining “Ads Above The Fold”?
Less ads intruding on quality content, it’s a simple concept – right? When the majority of us visits a website, we’re visiting to ge...
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SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update
I’m not sure what other writers are calling Google’s algorithm update, as we’ve only had it for a day. I’m staying with the KI...
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Google Algorithm Update Focuses On Freshness and Recency
At the rate information is transferring, it seems like a losing game to try and stay current on everything that is occurring. However, it’s exac...
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