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JetBlue Takes Delivery of Its First “Reimagined” Airbus A321neo
JetBlue announced it has formally taken delivery of its first Airbus A321neo (new engine option) aircraft configured with the airline’s reimagined p...
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Allegiant Air Flight Evacuated After Fire Found in Engine
An engine fire is to blame for a Allegiant Air flight being grounded at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The flight, which was bound for F...
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No, a Drone Didn’t Crash into an Airplane
A video of a small drone crashing into the wing of an airplane isn’t real, so stop sharing it. Or keep sharing it, but make sure you put it in t...
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Pointing Lasers at Aircraft Is a Pretty Bad Way to Cure Boredom
You’ve probably seen those posters, plastered across middle schools everywhere, advertising fun things to do instead of doing drugs. You know, f...
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Priscilla Presley To Fans: “Calm Down” Over Planes
Priscilla Presley is doing her best to keep Graceland running and to keep the memory and presence of Elvis Presley alive. Insane amounts of fans flock...
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Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton: Can They Relate?
Hillary Clinton, who many presume will eventually step forward and tell the rest of us that she is running for president, has caught some flack lately...
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Phone Dead? It May Not Fly to the US Under New TSA Rules
If you’re planning on flying to the US from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East – it would probably be wise to make sure your iPhone has enough...
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People Pointing Lasers at Airplanes Is Such a Problem That the FBI Is Offering a $10,000 Reward for Info
Who knew that so many people were pointing lasers at airplanes? Since 2012, pointing lasers at airplanes (or as the Federal Bureau of Investigation ca...
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Plane Diverted When Passenger Tries To Open Door
A passenger traveling aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 722 from Chicago to Sacramento tried to open the rear door of the plane in mid-flight on Sunday...
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Boeing 767s Ordered To Be Inspected By FAA
Boeing 767s are typically known to be among the safest planes today, and are the most popular planes in the air. The plane’s reputation may be s...
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‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Remembered 5 Years On
USAirways Flight 1549 landed into the Hudson River five years ago after being struck by birds. Images of passengers exiting the plane are still remini...
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Delta New Seats, Overhead Bins To Be Installed
Delta Air Lines is planning for a huge overhaul that will effect many members of their fleet, with the renovations planned including talk of new seats...
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China Witnessed B-52s Entering Defense Zone
On Tuesday, two U.S. B-52 bombers flew over the East China Sea as part of a previously planned training exercise; however, no notification was given t...
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FCC May Greenlight Mid-Flight Cell Calls
Could you soon be permitted to call your loved ones while flying the friendly skies? According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Federal C...
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The Skies Get Friendlier As FAA Relaxes Rules on PEDs
As expected (in fact, a bit earlier than expected), the days of airplane passengers being forced to power down all of their portable electronic device...
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Boeing 747 May Get 86’d in the Years to Come
The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet has been hailed as a double-decker revolution in air travel that shrank the globe by the Associated Press, yet even Arsenio H...
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Woman Has an Absolute Meltdown on Flight [VIDEO]
Here’s what we know about this epic airplane meltdown that a passenger caught on film: – The flight is supposedly traveling to Tampa ̵...
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FAA Ready to Lighten Up on Electronics
By next year, you shouldn’t have to power down all of your electronics when you board an airplane in the United States. As expected, the FAA is ...
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3D Printers Are Now Making Miniature Airplanes
3D printers can make everything from guns to robots. Now some university students are exploring what 3D printers can do in flight. Students at the Wri...
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Guy Buys Promoted Tweets to Shame British Airways into Finding His Lost Luggage
Lost luggage is a huge pain in the ass – we all know the feeling. But it happens. What one British Airways patron couldn’t deal with was t...
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