Gmail Targeted Ads Coming Soon

Some of you might have noticed a message at the top of your Gmail inbox, just below the search bar that says, “Coming Soon: Better Ads in Gmail.” This notification, which will slowly roll out to all Gmail users, signals…

Facebook Targeted Ads in Real-Time?

Over time, if you’re observant, you might have noticed a change in the ads you see when browsing Facebook.  (Unless you have been too engrossed in stalking an ex or browsing photos that show that your high-school friend was unable…

FTC Settles With Chitika Over Online Ad Tracking

The Federal Trade Commission said today it has reached a settlement with online advertising company Chitika, that ends the company’s allegedly deceptive practice of tracking peoples’ activities even after they opted out of online tracking on Chitika’s website. The FTC…

Google Makes Sitelinks Available in All AdWords Campaigns

Google has launched Ad Sitelinks for all AdWords campaigns. The feature was made available late last year for advertisers’ top performing ads, but is now available via a one-line format for all campaigns.

Google says advertisers who have used the format in the past have experienced big gains, and have boosted clickthrough rates by over 30% (on average).

Google AdWords Sitelinks

GoDaddy Back in the News for Super Bowl Ads

Domain name registrar and web hosting provider GoDaddy appears to be really making a name for itself based on controversial Super Bowl ads. In fact, one could ponder whether or not the general public would have such a distinct idea of what GoDaddy even is, if it were not for its Super Bowl controversies. Something tells me that’s just fine with GoDaddy. The company seems to feed off this stuff.

Are Google’s Ads So Relevant That People Won’t Block Them?

A while back, Google launched an extensions gallery for its Chrome web browser. Ad-blocking add-ons are among the most popular for Mozilla’s Firefox, so it stands to reason that they will be for Chrome as well. With Google’s primary source of revenue being its ads, a lot of talk has surfaced about Google letting people block its own ads with its own product.