Some YouTube Users Seeing 10 Ads Before a Video

YouTube is stretching the limits of its users’ patience, testing up to 10 ads before a video.

Get Ready for More Ads on Your iPhone and Mac

In a move that is sure to upset users, Apple may be preparing to bring far more ads to its iPhone and Mac platforms.

NHTSA Ruling Opens Door to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a ruling that opens the door to fully autonomous vehicles in the US.

Google Makes it Easier for SMBs to Launch YouTube Ad Campaigns

Google is making it easier for SMBs to launch YouTube ad campaigns in its first-ever YouTube Small Biz Day.

YouTube Runs Ads On Creators’ Videos Without Paying Them

Starting Wednesday, YouTube began running ads on some content creators’ videos without sharing the revenue those ads bring in.

Facebook Will Allow Users to Hide Political Ads

Facebook has made a major change to how it handles political ads, giving users the ability to hide them for the first time ever.

Chrome Will Start Blocking Resource Heavy Ads

Google has announced that Chrome will soon start blocking resource intensive ads.

Google Expands Advertiser Identity Verification Policy

Google has announced it is expanding its advertising identification policy in an effort to improve transparency.

Online Ads Gaining Traction Amid Pandemic

Research shows that ads are gaining traction as more people are working online and relying on the internet for all aspects of life.

Apple Will Allow Push Notification Advertising

iPhone and iPad users may soon be receiving advertising via push notifications, according to Apple’s latest App Store review guidelines.

Mozilla Launches ‘Firefox Better Web with Scroll’ Test Pilot

Firefox has announced the launch of a new Test Pilot program, Better Web with Scroll, aimed at improving the web experience for both publishers and users.

Google’s Troubles Mount As DOJ Focuses On Ad Tools

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is ramping up its investigation into Google, focusing heavily on the company’s ad tools. According to the report, the DOJ has increasingly been directing its questions—both of competitors and Google executives—toward…

eBay Pursuing Sale Of Its Classified-Ads Business

eBay has been considering selling its classified-ads business for some time, but it appears the company is finally taking steps in that direction.

Google Backtracks on Misleading Search Results

Google is apparently walking back a recent search redesign that made it difficult to distinguish ads from organic results, according to TechCrunch. Google was in the news recently for blurring the line between organic search results and ads, making it…

Facebook Backtracks On Ads In WhatsApp

More than a year after WhatsApp’s founders resigned in protest, Facebook is backtracking on its plans to include ads in the messaging app, according to The Wall Street Journal. WhatsApp’s founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, were so strongly opposed…

Microsoft Slips Ads Into Windows 10 and This Time They Can’t Be Disabled

MSPoweruser is reporting that Microsoft has—once again—slipped ads into Windows 10 apps, including Mail and Calendar. Unlike previous instances, however, this time the ads cannot be disabled. The last time Microsoft placed ads in their flagship apps was over a…

Time Warner Cable’s New Ad Strategy: Poke Fun at Crappy Customer Service

A few years ago, Domino’s Pizza started talking about how much Domino’s Pizza sucked. That sort of ad campaign – the we know we suck but now it’s going to be better campaign – isn’t new, but now it’s being…

Pandora Turns 10, Offers One Ad-Free Day for All

Pandora is celebrating a big birthday this month, and it’s handing out a small gift to its users. On September 9th, Pandora will turn 10. It’s declared the day “Listener Love Day” and with that comes 24 hours of ad-free…

Kim Kardashian Forced to Post a ‘Corrective Ad’ After FDA Called Previous One Misleading

Future first lady and Instagram queen Kim Kardashian has been forced to post a #CorrectiveAd on Instagram after she and a drugmaker ran afoul of the Food and Drug Administration over a deceptive ad. In now-deleted Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…

Pandora Gives Users an Hour of Ad-Free Music If They First Pay Close Attention to an Ad

Pandora is heralding the full rollout of its Sponsored Listening feature, which has been in beta since last fall. With Sponsored Listening, Pandora offers listeners a deal: You can have an ad-free hour of music, uninterrupted, if you just pay…