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Bing Ads Get Keyword Destination URLs
Microsoft announced today that it has added keyword destination URLs in Bing Ads for all markets. Bing Ads now support a dedicated field to manage the...
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Bing Ads Get Sitelink Extensions
Microsoft announced today that Bing Ads now offer sitelink extensions to advertisers throughout the Yahoo Bing Network. The extensions, according to M...
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Bing Ads Launches Keyword Suggestions
Bing announced the launch of a new keyword suggestions feature for Bing Ads (formerly adCenter). Advertisers can now apply suggested keywords customiz...
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Bing Ads Get Editorial Exceptions (And Accompanying API)
Microsoft announced today that it is releasing Editorial Exceptions and the Exceptions API to all Yahoo Bing Network advertisers. The feature will let...
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Yahoo And Microsoft Introduce The Yahoo Bing Network, adCenter Becomes Bing Ads
Microsoft and Yahoo have announced the Yahoo Bing Network as the official name for their combined search marketplace, which came about as the result o...
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Microsoft adCenter Now Let’s You Rotate Only Ads With the Most Clicks
In order to help marketers to amass more clicks from targeted ads, Microsoft adCenter has announced a new feature today called Ad Rotation. The new to...
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Microsoft, Yahoo Search Alliance Transition Complete in UK, Ireland, France
In mid-April, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance was nearly final in the UK, Ireland and France, after announcing the expans...
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Microsoft Rebrands Ads To SMBs As “Bing, powered by Bing and Yahoo! Search”
Microsoft announced that it is rebranding its advertising product for SMBs as “Bing, powered by Bing and Yahoo! Search”. The company says ...
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Microsoft /Yahoo Search Alliance Nearly Final In UK, Ireland, France
In February, Microsoft and Yahoo announced that they were expanding their “search alliance” in the UK, France and Ireland. Today, they ann...
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Microsoft adCenter About To Have 10,000 Less Cities To Target
Microsoft announced some new location targeting changes that it’s getting ready to implement in adCenter, which provides the ads on not only Bin...
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Microsoft adCenter: New Changes Live, More In Testing
Microsoft is discussing some changes it has rolled out to adCenter over the past few weeks. They should be improvements to the platform, as the compan...
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Microsoft adCenter Negative Keywords Get Update
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced an update to negative keywords in AdCenter. This would make it so that negative keywords loaded at the campaign...
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Yahoo and Bing: Look How Well Our Ads Are Doing
As you may know, Microsoft and Yahoo have a “search alliance” which sees Microsoft powering Yahoo’s organic search results, as well ...
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Bing And Yahoo Advertisers Get New Tools
Microsoft is talking about some new features it has for adCenter. “Over the last two weeks, adCenter has released its latest round of pre-holiday fe...
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Microsoft adCenter Getting Some New Local Features
Microsoft adCenter plans to launch new local features for Bing in the U.S. aimed at helping businesses reach local audiences. These include radius tar...
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Yahoo-to-Microsoft Ad Transition Period Drawing to a Close
The deadline for Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers to transition their campaigns to Microsoft's adCenter is approaching. You've had ample time to ...
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Yahoo on Bing/adCenter Transition Through Eyes of an Advertiser
At PubCon Las Vegas, WebProNews spoke with David Roth, Yahoo’s Director of Search Marketing, who has an interesting perspective on the recent Mi...
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Microsoft Extends adCenter Support Hours During Transition
Microsoft just announced that it is extending its support hours for adCenter during its paid search transition.  "Whether you...
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Yahoo Advertisers Can Begin Transitioning to Microsoft adCenter
Yahoo and Microsoft announced today that Yahoo advertisers can begin their transition to Microsoft's adCenter. ...
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Microsoft Increases Bing Crawl Rates
Microsoft announced today that it is making some ad relevance improvements, namely, a temporary increase in Bing crawl rates. The adCenter team ...
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