Brand Awareness Is The Top Goal For Facebook Ads, Say Marketers

“Why do you buy advertising on Facebook?” That very simple question was asked to marketers in a survey from Ad Age and Citigroup. The respondents were given six different reasons; build brand awareness, drive traffic, build fans or “likes,” stay…

Huffington Post Suspends Writer After Taking Too Much From an AdAge Story

Simon Dumenco at AdAge posted a story today about how the Huffington Post regurgitated one of his articles, and bashed the Post’s long-time claims about how its links can drive tremendous amounts of traffic to the original source. It appears,…

Facebook: Bing Scam Site Was Never Advertiser, Let Alone 3rd Largest

Updated – See below. 

AdAge published an article that sent ripples throughout the blogosphere with some questionable information. While not the basis of the article (that was mainly about how Facebook has become a dominant force in advertising), the article suggested that  "the third-biggest advertiser [on Facebook] was a completely unknown brand called, citing "ComScore’s third-quarter analysis."