Google Investing $1.2 Billion in Its German Cloud Infrastructure

Google is investing $1.2 billion to expand its cloud infrastructure in Germany, and has committed to using more renewable energy.

Facebook Faces Fallout From Australian News Ban

Facebook is already facing fallout from its decision to block Australian news sources, with government sites impacted and calls of bullying.

Biden Administration Reviewing WeChat Ban

The Biden administration is reviewing an attempted ban of WeChat, amid a broader review of the previous administration’s actions against Chinese platforms.

Google Search May Pull Out Of Australia Over News Content

Google has taken the extraordinary step of threatening to pull its search engine out of Australia if it’s forced to pay for news content.

FBI Warns of Cyberattacks Against Online Learning

The FBI is warning that hackers are increasingly targeting online learning as students get back to class after the holidays.

Solomon Islands Government Banning Facebook

The Solomon Islands Government is preparing to ban Facebook to protect “national unity” and crack down on cyberbullying.

Coronavirus: U.S. Internet Can Handle Increased Work-From-Home Load

Experts are saying the U.S. internet should be able to handle the increased stress of millions of Americans working from home as a result of the coronavirus.

Facebook Stock Takes a Beating Amid Legal Settlements

Facebook released its quarterly results Wednesday and it was not good news for investors, according to ABC News. The company posted ongoing growth, slightly beating analyst predictions, but its earnings were plagued by high expenses and legal settlements. In particular,…

EU May Force Apple To Ditch The Lightning Connector

Anyone who has an entire box or drawer of discarded phone charging cables knows the frustration of multiple types of chargers and connectors. Evidently, European Union (EU) regulators feel the same way, as they are pushing for a universal mobile…

Software Engineer ‘Biohacks’ His Body, Has Computer Chips Implanted

Cyborgs may be a mainstay of science fiction, but at least one software engineer is bringing the future to the present. ABC News is reporting that Ben Workman, a 29 year-old software engineer, has implanted RFID and NFC computer chips…