Tesla is Not Really a Luxury Car, Says Lucid Motors CTO

If you look at Tesla they’re high-tech, they’re beautifully engineered, they’re very disruptive, and they’re premium price, but you only have to get inside a Tesla to recognize it’s not a really a luxury car, says Peter Rawlinson, CTO of Lucid Motors. “It’s a premium car but not true luxury.”

Vehicles of the Future – So Intelligent They Could Drive Themselves, Says Ford CEO

This is the year that many of the technological innovations that Ford has been working on will start to come out. Ford CEO Jim Hackett says that the vehicles of the future will be so intelligent that they could drive themselves.

Former Ford CEO: Elon has Really Pushed the Industry to Embrace Electrification

“Elon Musk has really pushed the industry to embrace electrification,” says former Ford CEO Mark Fields. “The challenge here is how do you make money at it?” Fields says that there will continue to be a large portion of internal…

Venture Capitalist Kyle Lui: Next Generation of E-Scooters are Coming

Venture capitalist Kyle Lui says that there are a lot of exciting innovations coming to the world of e-scooters. Companies like Lime and SPIN, which was recently acquired by Ford Motor Company, are actively working on innovations that will improve the customer experience and e-scooter ecosystem.

Ford CEO: A New Cloud-Based System Being Developed to Control All Driverless Cars

The automobile business has become a technology business with the advent of driverless cars that learn on their own via artificial intelligence that will all be interconnected via a cloud monitoring system.

Ford Focus RS Doing Well With UK Pre-Orders

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is of to a great start with sales in the UK. The vehicle was unveiled last month, and according to CarScoops, UK buyers have already placed 1,500 orders for it. Not only is the car…

Large SUVs Gaining Global Popularity: Would Falling Gas Prices Make YOU Buy One?

During the economic recession, large SUVs became something on an eyesore to Americans. Their sudden lack of popularity hurt companies like General Motors (GM), and made Americans who drove SUVs feel somewhat like pariahs. But the large SUVs that U.S.…

2015 Ford F-150: It May Be Aluminum, But It’s Still A Truck

The new 2015 Ford F-150s are set to start roll off dealers’ lots in December, and reviews are starting to come out. The consensus of the critics seems to come down to: yes, it’s still a truck. “Do not approach…

Google Adds Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally To Board

Google announced on Tuesday that it has appointed former Ford Motor Company President and CEO Alan Mulally to its Board of Directors. Mulally’s retirement from Ford was announced only a couple months ago, and took effect on July 1st. As…

Ford Recall Announced For Airbag And Latch Issues

A series of Ford recalls now applies to nearly 700,000 of their vehicles as issues with airbags and latches have come to light. Two separate Ford recalls also were announced this past week when it was learned some Escapes harbored…