Apple Leaker Goes Dark After a ‘Multi-Step Sting’ Operation

A leaker claims Apple launched a “multi-step sting” operation to uncover their source, causing leaker and source to go dark.

Brydge Goes Under, Leaving Staff and Customers in the Lurch

Brydge, the company that made some of the best iPad keyboards on the market, has gone out of business.

Twitter Circle Bug Displayed Private Tweets to Random Users

Twitter has acknowledged that a bug with Twitter Circle displayed private tweets to random users.

Apple’s AI Efforts Hampered by ‘Organizational Dysfunction’

Apple is falling behind its Big Tech rivals in the race to functional AI, hampered by internal issues and a lack of “a lack of ambition.”

Firefox and Twitter Aren’t Playing Nice

Users are experiencing major issues with Twitter and Firefox, in many cases completely unable to log in with the open-source browser.

Ford Remains Committed to Apple CarPlay As Rivals Shun It

Ford has reportedly reaffirmed its commitment to Apple’s CarPlay despite some of its rivals shunning the platform in favor of their own efforts.

YouTube TV Is Experiencing Issues

YouTube TV appears to be experiencing an outage, one that is impacting Apple TV, TVision Hub, and other streaming devices.

iOS 16.4 May Unlock 3Gbps 5G Speeds

Apple’s iOS 16.4 may bring a nice surprise for iPhone users, potentially unlocking 3Gbps 5G speeds.

PSA: iOS 16.3.1 Breaks Google Photos

Google Photos appears to be randomly breaking for some users on iOS 16.3.1, with users advised to wait before upgrading.

Tim Cook Asks for a 40% Pay Cut

Apple CEO Tim Cook has asked for a 40% pay cut, a reflection of feedback from the company’s shareholder meeting.