Homeland Security Investing Fake N95 Mask Scam

As if the pandemic is not bad enough, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is investigating a scam involving fake N95 masks.

Miguel Milano Leaves Salesforce For AI Startup Celonis

AI startup Celonis has announced that President of Salesforce International, Miguel Milano, is joining the company as co-owner and Chief Revenue Officer.

Here’s The Coffee Table Of The Future

The coffee table is outdated. It’s just some wood sitting on top of more wood. In other words, it’s boring. Ideum and 3M have joined forces to make it less boring with technology. Why settle for a lifeless wooden surface…

Roku and 3M Release a Streaming Video Box With a Projector

This week, Roku and 3M have teamed up to launch a unique type of streaming video player. The device is what 3M is calling a “Streaming Projector.” It functions as a normal Roku video streaming box, with the requisite Netflix,…