T3Media Allows You to Sell Your Original Photos and Videos online with Paya


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Tese days everybody is looking for a way to make some extra cash. Some people have a yard sale or sell things on ebay. Others are looking for a more unique way to get paid.

T3Media out of Denver is just putting the finishing touches on a new service they call Paya. Paya allows you to sell your original content online. What kind of content?

Paya will allow you to sell your videos and photos on over 250 sites. The concept is really simple. You log into Paya via Facebook, list the photos and pictures you want to sell, then set the price.

Buyers can see the content on Paya, and wherever else you originally posted the material: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, wherever. The content has a link back to the Paya page, and once the transaction is made, you get to keep 80% of the selling price.

So, if you're looking for a way to make some extra cash, or you're a creative type hoping to sell your masterpiece online, Paya might be right for you. At the very least, it's worth looking into.

Forbes spoke with T3Media CEO, Kevin Schaff, and he was excited to share, what he sees as, an extreme demand for the service.

T3Media CEO, Kevin Schaff comments on their new Paya service:

“You have Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and all the content that lives there, but there is no way to sell off of them.”

“About 375 billion photos are being created daily,”

“72 hours of footage just on YouTube are being uploaded per minute – it’s staggering,”

So, T3Media's service is simple solution to a complex problem; how do we take all this original content and make some of it work for us financially? There's no telling how popular the service could become, but it represents a unique opportunity for all the social media users out there who are looking to make some extra cash on what they're passion about: posting media content.