SWTOR: The Old Republic 1.2 Update Trailer at GDC 2012


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Ugh, just when I said I was going to quit SWTOR for good and didn't want to keep farming Ilum to make it to Battlemaster, they go and release this 1.2 Update trailer. Which looks to be making some key improvements to the game, perhaps bringing back players (like me) who were frustrated by some key omissions and faction balance issues.

Enjoy the trailer, below I have a list of the key features presented in the trailer if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

- Warzone: Novare Coast

- Operation: Explosive Conflict

- Flashpoint: The Lost Island

- Expanded Legacy System, and Legacy Family Tree/Powers/Species Reveal

- UI Customization

- Improved Character Textures

- Deeper appearance customization

- Warzone Rankings

- New Corellia Daily Missions

- New Mini-Pets

- Guild Banks

- New Gear