SWTOR: Dancing Is A Crime


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There’s a new exploit in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that’s not the news. The news is just how ridiculous it is.

As you are likely aware, users can dance in The Old Republic by typing in ‘/getdown.’ This is used by many users to dance in public areas just like any other MMO. The difference here is that users can also use this command to interrupt any NPC action, including attacks. This becomes even more of an exploit when it stops boss enemies and their powerful attacks.

For those curious, the exploit looks like this:

Exploits like this are generally patched out rather quickly, but the response to this specific exploit has raised some eyebrows.

The reaction to the exploit on the forums were just as expected from BioWare. All threads regarding the exploit were deleted and allegedly one of the users who posted the above video on the forums received this takedown notice:

“We recently removed your thread about the /getdown video. We appreciate you trying to bring it to our attention but we do not allow the posting of potential exploits on the forums. Note this message is just to let you know and is NOT a warning against your account!”

The authenticity of the notice can be called into question as it’s only been posted on sites like 4chan and Reddit. Speaking of Reddit, there’s a rumor going around there that BioWare is banning players who are using the exploit and stating that the ‘/getdown’ command should only be used in specially sanctioned dance zones.

In a statement to Joystiq, BioWare said that the Reddit image was a troll posting and that it was a fake ban email. They did not, however, deny that users were getting banned or the removal of all references to the exploit on their forums.

All we know is that BioWare is aware of the exploit, do not want it being discussed on the game’s official forums and may or may not be banning players for using it.