Susan Boyle Is Looking For A Man

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Susan Boyle took the world by storm in 2009 when she appeared on "Britain's Got Talent"; when she first took the stage, the audience--and judges--smirked and prepared themselves for another silly performance. But the second she opened her mouth she impressed everyone in the room and from that moment on, her life was changed forever. Her first album was released later that year and quickly became a best-seller around the globe, and since then she's released two more albums and performed for the Queen during her Jubilee.

Now that she's attained a lifelong dream, she says, she's looking for someone to settle down with.

The 52-year old Scot says she got a taste of the married life while filming "The Christmas Candle" and it very much appealed to her.

"I want to find a man but it’s hard with all the travelling I do," she told the Scottish Sun. "I really want to start going on dates and I’ve asked my friends to set me up with a good man — if they can find one. I’d like to settle down one day."

Indeed, Boyle still has a packed schedule. With a brand new tour through Europe that may well expand to other parts of the world, she's excited about the possibility of expanding her fan base, even if it means putting romance on the back burner.

“I’m very excited, it’s long overdue. I’ve been on at my manager for some time to let me go live. He kept telling me, ‘You’re not ready yet,’ but this time he feels I am. It’s something you gradually get yourself accustomed to. I’ve only been doing this for four years. You just can’t dive in at the deep end. These things have to be done in a special way. It’s sensible, really," she said.

The new tour--which starts today--will feature a 24-song set list and will include an Adele cover and a Tina Turner track.

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