Surface Pro Price Cut Is Now Permanent


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The Surface Pro is much too expensive. That's at least what some consumers think as the tablet isn't exactly flying off store shelves. In an attempt to remedy that, Microsoft introduced a temporary price cut, but it has apparently proved too popular to discontinue.

Neowin reports that Microsoft has opted to keep the Surface Pro's current price cut permanent after seeing the "exciting" customer response. The news puts the Surface Pro's price permanently at $799 where it shall remain until Microsoft decides to lower the price again in an attempt to drum up more sales.

The Surface Pro isn't the only thing receiving a discount today. Microsoft also announced that both its Touch Cover and its Surface RT bundles will be having their prices reduced starting today. The Touch Cover will now retail for $79 and limited edition Touch Covers will retail for $89. The Surface RT bundle which includes a Touch Cover will retail for $399.

Speaking of the Surface RT, the tablet still retails for $350 without the Touch Cover. If you're in the market, you might as well splurge on the bundle to get the Touch Cover for only $50 more instead of the current $79 asking price.

Unfortunately, the superior Type Cover will not be getting a discount. Those wanting actual keys to type on with their Surface cover will still have to fork over $129.

All the announced Surface deals should be live on the Microsoft Store now. If you're near one, you can also snag these deals at a physical Microsoft Store. While you're there, check out some awesome 3D printer demos.

[Image: Microsoft Store]