Superman's Adventures With Google+

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Google+ is all about members using their real identity--no pseudonyms here, please--something that was made clear by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt's interview with NPR.

To date, there have been a few fake Google+ accounts that have been suspended due to the pseudonyms confusion, although, Google+'s diligence has also resulted in friendly fire casualties, although, these mistakes have been corrected. Just ask Captain Kirk. Now, it seems, Google is a lot more friendly with celebrities, especially once they've been verified.

Accounts for favorite movie characters have also been removed--right Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader?--but it seems as if Google has relaxed its stance on the true identity thing, at least in regards to these Darth Vader accounts, here and here. Warning, the second one is NSFW, due to the images being posted.

As for this particular Darth Vader account, I have to wonder, thanks to the Batman Bin Suparman guy, if that's not his actual name.

Anyway, these accounts demonstrate that Google's vigilance doesn't exactly match Schmidt's true identity convictions. Be that as it may, Google wants us to use our true identities, and as The Joy of Tech showed us, their stance may prove problematic for some of the more super people in this world:

Superman's Adventures with <a href=Google+" />
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I think that sums things up quite well. I mean, who in the world would believe Clark Kent is really Superman? And no, without that Kryptonian birth certificate, Kal-El should not be accepted as a name. The proof, sir, is in the pudding.

One has to wonder, however, what these particular "Supermen" did to keep their Google+ account? Did they manage to escape Krypton's explosion with better documentation? Or is Google's "you must use your true identity in Google+" edict not as enforceable as their rhetoric leads us to believe?