Super Poke Pets Find a New Resting Place

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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Ever since Google announced that they were shutting down their recently acquired social game company Slide, users of one particular casualty of that decision have made their feelings quite clear.

Super Poke Pet users are pretty upset that Google is shutting down the game, a move that will eliminate a hobby in which many users have invested hundreds of dollars.

Last week we posted some YouTube videos that show an admittedly atypical portrayal of a Super Poke Pets user. In the videos, a woman goes on quite the epic rant when she can't get the app to load. Some SPP users made it clear that these videos were a poor representation of the SPP community. Other SPP users got a good laugh out of it.

Many Super Poke Pets players have wondered what will become of their pets. Today, they get their answer.

[Note: This video is intended to be humorous. To our knowledge, the SPP Cemetery doesn't exist (yet). Many people care a great deal about the game, and we know that. But sometimes humor is a good way to deal with things, don't you think?]

Josh Wolford
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