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Anyone spending a decent amount of time on Twitter this week has probably already noticed that people are excited about Sunday's Super Bowl. Since the AFC and NFC Championships games concluded and we locked in our Super Bowl matchup, it seems like everyone involved in the game has had their turn as a trending topic - Brady, Eli, Belichick, Victor Cruz.

And it doesn't hurt that the NFL has made #superbowl a promoted hashtag. Between the actual game, all of the pre-game theatrics, and then the commercials - Twitter is set to be dominated by the Super Bowl all week.

Social media agency Banyan Branch has already been monitoring the Twitter trends surrounding the Super Bowl and have discovered a couple of interesting things. First, and most unsurprising, the Quarterbacks seems to be getting the most chatter. Out of those Quarterbacks, Tom Brady is being discussed the most on the site.

The most interesting trend that they found was that people are actually talking about the Giants more as a team, but talking about people on the Patriots as individuals more. "Giants" beat the "Patriots," but "Belichick" and "Brady" beat "Coughlin" and "Manning."

Check out their infographic below:

[Image courtesy Flickr]

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