Super Bowl Ads: Fun Facts


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Super Bowl ads are the focal point of the day besides the big game of course. Super Bowl Sunday is a long awaited day for many football fans, whether you're looking forward to the mountains of meats, cheeses and other culinary delights or you just want to see a bunch of dudes break each other's scapulas, it's a celebrated day for "foodie" and fan alike.

Whether you believe it or not, celebrities are risky business. In last year's ads, commercials that did not feature celebrities as a main point did 9.2% better than those which did. Just 5 of the ten least effective ads last year that featured celebrities were Groupon's ad featuring Timothy Hutton, Lipton's ad featuring rapper Eminem,'s ad featuring Joan Rivers,'s ad starring Will.I.Am and Stella Artois' commercial featuring Adrian Brody.

Animals can be an advertisers best friend. Ads with animals did substantially better than ads with celebrities, performing 21% better. Also Animal ads did 14% better than those ads not featuring animals.

Just a couple of the top 6 ads from last year according to Ace Metrix

Automotive brands such as Chevy, Ford and Dodge are typically one of the most effective advertisers. Last year, Volkswagen's "The Force" ad was the top automotive ad being 10% more effective than the average ad. It also took the the 8th most effective ad of the game. The major theme of last year's game was "Made In America" half of the top ten ads featured companies such as dodge, ford and chevy.

Internet brands, statistically, have never faired well. There were no ads in the top 10 Super Bowl ads last year. Half of the top 10 least effective Super Bowl ads featured names.