Summer Notebook Shipments Still Slow


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Notebook shipments took a dive during the first half of the year, following a disappointing holiday season in 2012. Analysts and industry watchers blamed the rising tablet market, the lukewarm reception of Windows 8, and consumer aversion to touchscreen notebooks for steadily dropping shipment numbers. Recent predictions, however, saw smaller, cheaper notebooks and Windows 8.1 helping to drive notebook sales throughout the second half of 2013. Now it appears those predictions were premature, at least for the summer months.

DigiTimes today reported that notebook shipments have continued to slow throughout July and August. The report's unnamed "supply chain sources" stated that notebook manufacturers have been adjusting notebook reserves throughout the summer. DigiTimes' research division has released figures showing that, as of July 2013, even the top five global notebook manufacturers are collectively shipping 20% fewer notebooks than in 2012. Notebook panel revenues have been dropping as a result.

Notebook manufacturers are also rumored to begin launching new notebook PCs next month. However, September is also the month that tablet and smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Amazon are expected to be launching their new line of mobile products. With tablet hardware improving at a rapid pace, even smaller touchscreen notebooks will face stiff competition, leaving notebook manufacturers scrambling for market share.

(Image courtesy Lenovo)

(via DigiTimes)