Sue Ann Hamm Plans to Appeal $1 Billion Settlement


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Sue Ann Hamm, who was awarded roughly $1 billion in cash and assets in a divorce settlement this week, feels that she was entitled to more, and plans to appeal the ruling.

Sue Ann is the ex-wife of Harold Hamm, an Oklahoma oil baron worth an estimated $13.5 billion. Sue Ann's settlement comprises around six percent of Harold's holdings, Attorney Ron Barber commented, "Sue Ann is disappointed in the outcome of this case. She dedicated 25 years as Harold's faithful partner in family and business. She plans to appeal the court's decision.''

The Hamm v. Hamm judgement was one of the largest divorce settlements in U.S. history, and if Sue Ann is successful in an appeal, she could be entitled to significantly higher compensation. Oklahoma County Court Judge Howard Haralson awarded Sue Ann $995.5 million, along with a ranch in California and a home in Oklahoma.

Harold and Sue Ann were married in April, 1988, and Sue Ann filed for divorce in May, 2012, though Harold has said they had been separated since 2005. Sue Ann is an attorney and an economist, and played an executive role at Continental Resources during her 26-year marriage to Harold, the oil and natural gas company her ex-husband formed.

Some find it difficult to imagine how one can not be content with $995.5 billion:

Harold Hamm established Continental Resources in 1967, though Judge Haralson deemed that rising oil prices and new drilling technology were the key factors in the 400% growth of the company, and not Sue Ann's executive roles during the marriage. Sue Ann's lawyers disagree - "We believe that Harold should be given more credit for Continental's success."