Students Find Secret Room Mate Living In Basement


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Have you ever had something unsettling happen to you in a new place? Like moving in to your new apartment, and then finding doors open when you swear you'd closed them just a little while ago? Or maybe finding things on your desk rearranged and not quite right in your new dorm room? Such odd happenings took place for a group of Ohio State students, who often joked about the open oven and microwave doors, brushing them off as a "ghost." Little did they know, however, that the reality of their situation was much more terrifying than a mere supernatural encounter; they had a secret room mate.

The room mates stumbled across their dwelling partner when they decided to further investigate the strange going-ons. Their search led them to a locked door in the basement, which they had previously assumed was a utility closet because of the odd noises they heard coming from the other side. Once the door was unlocked, a furnished room was revealed, complete with textbooks and pictures of the secret resident's family and friends.

With things now firmly situated in horror movie territory, the room mates did the logical thing; they left a note for the resident, asking him to get in contact with them. The secret room mate, who they found out was named Jeremy, eventually got in contact with the room mates, and one of the men realized that he had previously met Jeremy before on the property.

Jeremy was quickly evicted, but the legal room mates held no qualms against him and allowed him to move out his belongings. They seemed to be relatively relaxed about the entire escapade, finding humor in the situation rather than fear. One of the legal tenants, Brett Mugglin, said, "He was a really nice guy. I feel bad for him. It's just, he wasn't supposed to be living there ... It's funny now, but it potentially could have been extremely dangerous given that some random guy had a key to our house and was just living in our house without anyone knowing."

Action may be taken against the leasing office that allowed this to happen. In the mean time, locks have been changed on the house, so the room mates can sleep at night knowing that they no longer have any secret house mates to worry about. If the microwave door keeps being found open, they may have to call Ghost Busters rather than their realtor.

Photo courtesy of Ohio State's newspaper, The Lantern, and its website.