"Storage Wars" Lawsuit: Dave Hester Gets Judge's Approval

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"Storage Wars" has been a huge hit almost since it debuted on A&E, but when a former star of the show filed a lawsuit against the producers for wrongful termination, a slew of skeletons came out of the show's closet, including allegations that portions of it are planned out ahead of time to make it look like the bidders have found a much more bountiful treasure than what is really there. Now, Dave Hester has gotten the go-ahead from a judge to follow through with the suit after A&E disputed it, saying that he wanted control over who they put on the show.

“Plaintiff’s contract expressly states that Defendants had no obligation to use Plaintiff on the program during the term of their agreement. Plaintiff is suing to recover money, and not to inject himself into the program,” wrote Judge Michael Johnson in today's ruling.

Hester is suing for $750,000 plus punitive damages after he says he was fired for disagreeing with the show's practices. He claims the show's producers have planted items in storage units before--including a mini BMW and a newspaper announcing the death of Elvis--in order to drum up ratings. He says they also paid for some of the stars to have plastic surgery in order to look more appealing for the cameras.

Below is an interview with Hester during happier times with the show, which began it's most recent season back in April.

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