Stoneham Shooting: Arrests Made, Drugs Could Be Involved

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A shooting in Stoneham, Massachusetts early this morning has left one man dead, one wounded, and led to three arrests.

Police arrived on the scene around 2 a.m. this morning to find 26-year old Joseph Puopolo dead and his friend--who hasn't been identified yet in the press--with a gunshot wound. Puopolo, according to his godfather, was a U.S. Army veteran who had just returned home after being deployed in Afghanistan.

Three people have been arrested in connection to the shootings, including Aniston Harrison, whose attorney says he was near the crime scene because he happened to be driving through and was lost. Police arrested him because when they searched him, they found marijuana and a weapon on him. He is currently being held on $10,000 bail.

Officials say the shootings don't appear to be random and are launching a full investigation; drugs are rumored to be involved.

Puopolo's godfather, Joseph Alessandro, says he is in shock at the news.

"I don't believe it because his birthday was last week. He came out of the Army and everything…He'd give you the shirt off his back,” said Alessandro. “He wanted to be a state cop. He was a fighter. This is just mind boggling. I don't understand what happened. I just don't understand it."

Amanda Crum

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