Steven Spielberg Is Pretty Amazing


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Steven Spielberg. The name will inevitably bring to mind many movies the man has been involved with over his long career.

Recently, Spielberg received the 2012 David O. Selznick Achievement Award from the Producers Guild of America.

To commemorate the occasion, Todd Sandler created a tribute video that celebrates all the films that Spielberg either produced or directed. The usual suspects like Indiana Jones and The Goonies show up, but his less known films such as Gremlins and *batteries not included make an appearance as well. It truly is a celebration of everything that made Spielberg a household name and he’s sure to make more amazing films if the critical reception of War Horse is any indication.

The compilation does an excellent job of sorting out the adventure and sci-fi films that Spielberg is more well known for while giving his more personal works like Schindler’s List their own place to shine.

As an aside, I could have done without the E.T. footage, scariest film Spielberg ever made.