Steve Jobs' Old Office Hasn't Been Touched Since His Death

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If you are wondering about the amount of reverence the folks at Apple have for late co-founder Steve Jobs, you really shouldn't be. But to put it bluntly, it's a lot.

Take this little anecdote from Bloomberg's extensive interview with current CEO Tim Cook:

Steve Jobs’s office remains Steve Jobs’s office. After his death in 2011, Tim Cook, his friend and successor as Apple (AAPL) chief executive officer, decided to leave the sparsely decorated room on the fourth floor of 1 Infinite Loop untouched. It’s not a shrine or place of mourning, but just a space that Cook sensed no one could or should ever fill. “It felt right to leave it as it is,” he says. “That’s Steve’s office.”

Like a parent who leaves a departed child's room untouched, everyone at Apple has decided to keep Steve Jobs' old office as is – even while everything around it changes.

You might think that all of this reverence would be hard for Cook, and who's to say it isn't? Jobs was a god within the Apple culture. Polarizing outside of it, but inarguably heralded as a visionary within. Despite this, Cook certainly took one step toward making the company his own at the recent Apple press event.

Cook channeled Jobs and his famous "one more thing" bit before announcing the Apple Watch, which some say is the first true Apple product of the Cook era.

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