Steve Jobs Movie Dropped by Sony But May Find Life Elsewhere

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It appears that Sony, like the rest of us, are sick and tired of waiting for the newest Steve Jobs movie to get off the ground.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures just dumped the project.

If you haven't been following the talent drama surrounding the film, which is based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography, here's a brief explainer.

The film was first announced in May of 2012, and soon after Sony hired Aaron Sorkin to pen the screenplay. He finished the script and submitted it in January of this year.

Since then, it's been a talent carousel. David Fincher was first attached to the project (he and Sorkin had worked together on another film, The Social Network). It was reported that Fincher wanted Christian Bale for the lead role – and that it was pretty much a Bale or Bust ultimatum.

In April, Fincher exited the project amid reports that he was making “aggressive demands for compensation and control.”

On came director Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio became the next rumored Steve Jobs. Then he wasn't. Then it was Christian Bale again. Then it was Christian Bale, confirmed.

Then it wasn't.

At this point, Michael Fassbender is being eyed for the Jobs role. As far as the other Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Seth Rogen is apparently in talks.

Did that make your head hurt? It probably made execs at Sony's heads hurt.

So, is the movie dead? Will we never have the chance to see if this Steve Jobs movie could be any better than that Ashton Kutcher disaster?

Probably not. According to Variety, Universal is likely to pick up the film.

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