Star Wars Fail Whale As Cool As Google Doodles?

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Yes, most everyone is madly in love with the new Google Doodle, honoring Martha Graham -- rightfully so -- but there may be an honest-to-goodness competitor to today's throne holder, the Star Wars Fail Whale.

Debuting on the official Star Wars blog, the Star Wars Fail Whale is a nifty take on Twitter's all-too ubiquitous Fail Whale, and it's done with great style. This sweet mash-up is courtesy of an online artist named Le Kemp, who, besides his Star Wars/Twitter remixes, creates some really nice visual work.

Star Wars Fail Whale

His take on the Osama situation is subtle, yet keen, especially if you like Jaws. And then there's his rendition of the Twitter bird, which is also full of win in, and of, itself.

As for the Star Wars Fail Whale, the TIE Fighters are an extremely nice touch, and they also provide good insight as to why Twitter may be down. Clearly, the Empire finds their lack of network stability disturbing; although, I am curious about the relationship between the bird and the whale. That doesn't really compute, unless Doctor Moreau is working for the Sith.

Silliness aside, in a day where Google Doodles rule the roost, save some room to celebrate the Star Wars Fail Whale. Of course, to actually beat the current Google Doodle, the TIE Fighters would have to fly the Whale off of the screen. Google's animation is just that good.