Stacy Kiebler Joins Instagram With Sexy Gym Photo


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Stacy Keibler announced that she is officially on Instagram by posting a photo of herself rockin' a sports bra and six pack abs at the gym. She now has 12,000 followers. Not saying the two are connected.

Rumors have been going around that she is pregnant with Geroge Clooney's baby, which it looks pretty obvious that she isn't. This photo cam from Como, Italy, where Clooney and Keibler are vacationing. Friends of Kiebler have told TMZ that the rumors are "100% false".

She let Us Weekly in one her workout secrets. "I go to Barry's Bootcamp, I go to Physique 57 -- every week is different for me. Sometimes I'll go to Barry's three times a week because it fits into my schedule better, and sometimes I'll work out with a trainer five times a week. I also like boxing. That's an amazing workout... Summer is when I start getting in the groove of at least once or twice a week mixing in something like boxing. I just like to mix it up." - Who cares. Just do what ever you have to do.

"I started dancing and playing sports at a young age, and then I got into cheerleading and I've always had that," she told Us Weekly. "But even at 15 I was going to the gym. I've just always been conscious of being healthy and I'm really very balanced. I like to eat a lot so I have to work out a lot to balance it out." - So there you have it. Eat a lot and work out a lot, everybody knew that.

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