Square's POS Solution Square Stand Is Now Available at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and Online

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Square has just announced that its point of sale system Square Stand, first announced back in May, is now available to purchase. It's not only available online, but you can also buy it at both Best Buy and Apple Retail stores.

"Neighborhood retail locations are an important resource for small business owners looking for new opportunities and technologies that can help them grow. Customers can purchase Square Stand in both Apple retail stores and Best Buy stores. In Best Buy, customers can also experience Square Stand with interactive product demos that will roll out to over 1,000 locations in the coming months," says Square.

Almost half of all payments processed via Square take place on an iPad, and iPad sales volume doubles that of smartphone users. With that in mind, Square launched Square Stand as a totally iPad-focused POS system. The stand holds your iPad, and also features its own card reader built right in. It bolts into your countertop, making it an all-in-one, definitely more permanent POS system.

It surely beats the old method of attaching the original card reader you your iPad. But it will run you $299 - so it may be more of a hit with small business owners who have yet to start using any Square product, as opposed to current Square users looking for an upgrade.

If you happened to pre-order Square Stand back in May, it'll start shipping this week.

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