Sprint's "One Up" Program is Now "Easy Pay"


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When T-Mobile announced its "JUMP!" pricing and upgrade program last year, U.S. mobile providers scrambled to implement similar deals. Sprint was the last major carrier to roll out its plan, which was dubbed "One Up." The plan allowed customers to purchase devices with monthly payments over the course of two years and upgrade those devices at a faster rate.

When Sprint rolled out its "Framily" plans earlier this month, the carrier quietly cancelled its One Up program. Now the program has been re-branded and re-worked into a "limited time" offer.

Sprint this week unveiled its "Easy Pay" program, which is very similar to One Up. Easy Pay will allow customers to purchase devices and pay them off over the course of two years. Customers will also be able to upgrade their phone at will under the plan, though they will have to pay off the full balance of their current device when doing so.

In addition to the requirement of paying off their device when upgrading, there are other ways in which Sprint's plan differs from those of other carriers. Customers will also be subject to a down payment on their new device at the time of purchase, as well as a $36 "activation or upgrade fee" for smartphones purchased through the program. The Easy Pay program also requires that customers sign up for a 12-month Framily plan, complete with a $20 per month "Unlimited Data and Annual Upgrade add-on."