Spring High School Stabbing Leaves 1 Dead, Kids Afraid

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Spring High School, located about 20 miles north of Houston, was the scene of a bloody confrontation this morning after four students were involved in a fight that escalated into violence.

17-year old Joshua Broussard was stabbed to death in the fight, which left three other students wounded; one of them, a 16-year old student, was taken to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston by air-ambulance.

Lakesia Brent, mom to a 17-year old student, said she received several frantic texts from her son this morning asking her to come pick him up.

“He’s just afraid,” she said.

Brent also said that acts of violence were not uncommon at the school last year, calling it "ridiculous".

Officials say they have three other people in custody for a line of questioning regarding the confrontation, but they have not made any arrests yet. As of now, they are following up on allegations that the fight occurred due to gang activity.

"However, deputies had not been called to the school about gang violence before today," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

Amanda Crum
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