Spain Vs. Chile: Spaniards Sent Packing After 0-2 Loss

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Spain’s 1-5 loss to Netherlands last week exposed Spain as a weak team. On Wednesday, Chile also beat Spain, confirming that the reigning World Cup champs are no longer the elite team they once were. Wednesday’s match, saw Chile outplay Spain to win 2-0.

Before the game, Spain’s manager Vicente del Bosque was confident that his team would beat Chile. “In life, there are solutions for everything. It’s still in our hands,” he said. Before Wednesday’s defeat, Chile had not beaten Spain in 10 games.

Chile midfielder Marcelo Diaz said, “A draw is not bad, but this group of players does not come with the idea to draw a game. We came out with the idea of winning.” And win they did.

Eduardo Vargas was the first to score for Chile 20 minutes into the game with the help of teammate Alexis Sanchez. Spain became more frustrated in the latter part of the first half. Their frustration got the better of them when Chile made another goal.

Throughout the game, Spain had long periods of possession of the ball, but Chile focused on their counter-attacks, which proved to be successful. During the second half of the game, Spain tried to make a comeback, but their efforts were no match for Chile who was hungry for a win.

No one ever imagined that Spain would go out the way they did. They were sent packing by a team who has not defeated them in a long time.

From the start of the match, it was evident that Chile dominated the field. Aside from the two goals that they scored, they had a strong defense against the defending champions. Spain, on the other hand, seemed to lack organization and the desire to win.

“I only ask fans for forgiveness, we did everything we could,” Spain’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas said.

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