Space: No Longer the Final Frontier for Foursquare


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It seems that Space is no longer the final frontier when talking about Foursquare check-ins. Douglas Wheelock, a NASA astronaut, has checked into the International Space Station using the location-based app. For this simple feat, Wheelock was "awarded" the very first NASA Explorer Badge. Bow before it Foursquare geeks.

Foursquare NASA Explorer Badge

Foursquare users: How bad do you want the NASA Explorer Badge? Let us know.

I just unlocked the "NASA Explorer" badge on @foursquare! than a minute ago via foursquare

The check-in officially kicks off a partnership between NASA and Foursquare, NASA even has aFoursquare page offering venues where you can unlock the new NASA Explorer Badge. Users will get tips about the venues upon check-in with their smartphone or mobile device.

Wheelock, @Astro_wheels as he’s known on Twitter, is the Commander of ISS Expedition 25, which is a team of cosmonauts and astronauts from both Russia and the United States. You can read his full bio here.

It should be noted that earlier this year NASA coordinated the first tweet from outer space What will they have in store for us next? Let us know what you think.