Sony Announces Xperia Ion at CES


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The amazing phones keep rolling in and Sony is ready to tempt you away.

Sony announced during CES their first LTE smartphone, the Xperia ion. The phone is significant for more than just its specs. It’s the first phone from Sony to drop the Sony-Ericsson label in favor of just Sony.

The Xperia ion features a 4.6-inch HD display at a 1280 x 720 resolution that is sure to provide brilliant video. While it’s not as crazy as the HTC Titan II, the Xperia ion has a camera that more than makes for up its smaller size at a not-too-shabby 12 megapixels by featuring Sony’s new Fast Capture technology that has the phone going from standby to shoot mode in 1.5 seconds. Both the front and rear cameras provide HD recording capabilities as well.

“With Xperia ion, we’re bringing together several firsts that will take users beyond the smartphone,” Paul Hamnett, President, Sony Ericsson North America said. “Designed to deliver a seamless experience across the multiple screens we use to play, watch, listen, and share, Xperia ion is the gateway to entertainment when and – most importantly – where you want it.”

Xperia ion will also boast its access to the massive Sony Entertainment Network. Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited provide tons of choices for consumers. The device is also PlayStation certified so it will offer some of the best gaming experiences that a smartphone can deliver.

The phone’s innards feature a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 16GB internal flash storage and runs on Android 2.3.

The most interesting feature is the devices’s ability to display on a variety of screens using DLNA, HDMI or Sony’s own Bravia sync service. This means that users will be able to transfer the display and information from their phones onto their TV, tablet, laptop or other smartphones.

CES 2012 is already proving to be the year that every manufacturer tries to bring something new to the smartphone arena that is actually worthwhile. Sony has made one of the best cases so far for their new device. The ability to transfer a phone’s display to a TV or any other device for that matter might end up being a major game changer for smartphones, but we have yet to see.

Expect to see the Xperia ion from AT&T in the second quarter.