Sony Will Attend Gamescom After All! So Will EA


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There are 3 major gaming conventions in the world. E3, which just happened. The Tokyo Game Show which is in Tokyo of course, and Gamescom which is held every year in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom, despite being the largest has had to deal with many publishers and console makers pull out of their conference one after another. First it was Nintendo, then Sega, then Microsoft.

Earlier in this week a report came out that Sony had not yet signed a contract to show up to the event. SCE’s German communications director Guido Alt said that “We are still negotiating with Koelnmesse. What I can say is that we did not sign a contract so far.”

That statement confuses Koelnmesse, the organizers of Gamescom. They told Joystiq earlier today that, "Yeah Sony is coming, even though there was a strange article that question marked it a week ago... but they are coming for sure!"

So with that confirmation, we are now looking at having Sony there without any competition from Microsoft or Nintendo for 2 of the 3 remaining gaming conferences. WHat does this mean for Sony? Probably being lazy since they do not have to worry about out doing Microsoft or Nintendo. You could also see them focus a little more on the Vita which was strangely minimal in presence at the E3 keynote.

EA also announced that they were definitely showing up at Gamescom. EA corporate communications SVP Jeff Brown said, "We are definitely committed to Gamescom – love that show and the people who attend it." He then added that, "We're planning the press conference for the day before the show and will send out invites in the next couple of weeks."