Sony Unboxes PlayStation 4, Provides An Internal Look


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As PlayStation 4s start showing up in store warehouses, it helps bring the idea the next generation consoles are upon into a tangible reality. In about about a week, the world as we know it will change forever when the PS4 becomes available for consumption; at least, that's the crux of the pitches we've been getting. As Sony and Microsoft fight for control of the living room, we, the consumers, are perceived as winners, as long as we don't mind going through an expensive upgrade/changeover.

Because anticipation of these new gadgets reaches a fever pitch, unboxing videos have become a thing. So much so, in fact, they are used as marketing pitches. Judging by the numbers, it's pretty clear people enjoy watching videos of other people opening their new stuff. Which leads us to's exclusive PS4 unboxing video. If people really want to watch these things, taking the next step and offering an exclusive video, complete with Wired's logo and watermark, is a shrewd way to grab a few more pageviews.

It also helps when the unboxing video goes above and beyond the norm by having a Sony engineer crack the PlayStation 4 case open, giving us a look at the console's internal workings. Check out Wired's video and see what you think:

Incredibly exciting, no? Sarcasm aside, if nothing else, it is impressive seeing just how much tech Sony can cram into a plastic case; and hey, there's no Spider-Man font distracting us from the clinical autopsy. That has to be a plus, right? In case you've been living under a rock and missed the news, the PS4 will be available on November 15.

[Lead image courtesy of Sony]