Sony to Auction Off Game Props For Trophies


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After sticking it to Microsoft at E3, Sony rode the hype of gamers into a new ad campaign. A live-action commercial titled "Greatness Awaits" somehow managed to capture the spirit of gamers, while at the same time reminding the competition that games are specifically not TV because they are interactive.

The ad obviously had a large budget. Hundreds of costumed extras are seen during the minute-and-a-half running time, a giraffe can be spotted in the background, and various special effects go off during what appears to be a moving one-take journey through a set littered with references to various games. This week, Sony announced that it will be auctioning off some of the detailed props from the commercial.

A new site called "Bid For Greatness" has been created, where fans can bid on the props. The auction doesn't take money, however, but PlayStation Gold Trophies earned through games. Starting July 16 and lasting until July 30, a new item will be up for auction at the site. Gamers can log into the website using their PlayStation Network ID.

The items up for auction include concept art and weapons such as a Dragonborn Stalhrim Mace from Skyrim or a Witch Doctor Mojo from Diablo III. The real standout, though, are the costumes - a Clicker from The Last of Us, Delsin Rowe's clothes from InFamous: Second Son, Captain Keneway's Outfit from Assassin's Creed IV, and more - which would be perfect for a Halloween party.