Sony Bringing Four Games To Vita As Part Of Play 2014 Promotion


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For the past few years, Sony has promoted upcoming PlayStation titles through Play - a four-week long promotion that encourages players to buy upcoming titles in exchange for refunds. PlayStation Plus members generally receive a gracious discount on top of that as well. While these promotions generally take place during the summer, Sony is starting early this year with a Play promotion for upcoming Vita games.

Sony announced this morning that Play 2014 will begin on January 21 and last through February 17. Each week will see the release of a new Vita title with players who buy all four getting a $10 refund at the end of the promotion.

The first title out of the gate on January 21 is OlliOlli - an arcade skateboarding game. It will release at the price of $12.99, but PlayStation Plus members will get it for $10.39.

On January 28, the Vita will get Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The latest entry in DBZ fighting game franchise is the only non-indie game as part of the Play promotion and will cost $39.99. PlayStation Plus members will get it for $31.99.

On February 4, PC indie darling Dustforce will make its way to the PS3 and PS Vita courtesy of Capcom. It will cost $9.99, but PlayStation Plus members will get it for $7.99.

Finally, February 11 will see the release of TxK - the latest entry in the legendary Tempest franchise. Developed by Llamasoft, the developer says TxK is "neon candy for your thumbs and your mind."

As part of the Play promotion, you'll get $3 back if you buy any two of the above games. For buying three of the above games, you'll get $6 back. If you buy all four, you'll get $10 back. The promotion only lasts until February 17 so buying any of the games after that won't count towards anything.

Image via PlayScopeTrailers/YouTube