'Sons of Anarchy': Robocop Joins For Sixth Ride


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Sons of Anarchy is one of those television shows you just can't look away from. Writer, producer, and creator Kurt Sutter was a writer for FX's hit cop drama The Shield, which effectively cleaned house each year at the Emmy's, so it was hardly surprising when the retiring of Michael Chiklis' anti-cop Vic Mackey brought a new series of twisted characters to traverse our televisions in search of fortune and glory. Sons has certainly done that over the years, and while the season five ratings were strong enough in the target demographic, season six is shaping up to knock it out of the park.

Peter Weller, known for his iconic voice and portrayal of Robocop in the late '80s, will be joining the fray as a former cop who works at the Stockton port, the Hollywood Reporter says. Already a featured director of several episodes in the series as well as episodes of Monk and Hawaii Five-O, Weller makes the opposite journey of Adam Arkin, who joined the cast as a white supremacist character and eventually became a featured director.

AMENDED: As to where the plot of the new season might take the enigmatic motorcycle gang, we can expect the story to center around Jax solidifying political control within the club for his presidency, Tara's experiences after being imprisoned by the police for Gemma's manipulation, the expected fallback from Bobby's resignation as vice-president, and possibly a final end to Clay Morrow. The recently released season six promo video seem to hint at an excessively violent season, and Sutter himself has been quoted as saying upcoming episodes will be some of the "most violent" in the history of the show, a bold claim indeed.

If you're interested in watching the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy as soon as it airs, season six will premiere on September 10 at 10 P.M. EST on FX.