Snoop Dogg Knows Prices, Legos Awesomeness, and Iowa Greatness


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Today's videos feature a reporter who was pushed too far, a ceiling fan fail, and a man who's simply trying to let the rest of us know how awesome Iowa actually is...biatch. Enjoy.

Every reporter who's had an unruly mob, or even one person behind them acting goofy just jumped out of their chair and pumped their first.

You think you're better than Iowa? This guy has come to set you straight (Warning: language)

Christopher Nolan is such a hack. I knew upon viewing The Dark Knight Rises trailer that I had seen this movie done before; now I know what it was...

All I can think upon viewing this video is that Bob Barker never had to rely on celebrity appearances when he was hosting the show. Snoop does know his prices though.

I guarantee your Lego creation doesn't come close to matching the awesomeness of this one.

I really hope the tagline for this movie is "This summer, things are about to get topsy turvy". I think Kirsten Dunst has set the record for upside down make out scenes in film as well. (Trailers have been taken down, so this one might not last).

The sound created in this video should be used in movie sound effects. So righteously painful.