Snapchat is Now Selling Merch with Launch of New Snap Store

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Is Snapchat trying its hand at eCommerce? That just might be in the works with its launch of a new feature that would essentially enable the company to sell merchandise through the messaging app.

Snapchat Inc. just opened up the Snap Store today, a new feature that lets users buy merchandise. Currently, it appears that the company is still testing the waters as the online store does not yet offer a lot of items for sale. For now, you will be able to purchase a Dancing Hot Dog Plushie that costs $20 and  Dog Lens T-Shirt costing $30 among others

The new store can be accessed on the messaging app’s media section, which is called Discover. Before the store’s arrival, the section was reserved solely for video and articles of channels run by media companies such as BuzzFeed, Conde Nast, Hearst, and Vice. Channels for the National Football League, NBC, and ESPN can also be found in the Discover section.

It is not Snapchat’s first time selling merchandise under its own brand. Previously, the company sold branded items via Amazon such as the Spectacles, a video-recording pair of sunglasses. However, with the introduction of the Snap Store, it would be its first time selling items inside its own app.

But Snapchat is not really expected to make serious money from selling these items. An unnamed spokesperson for the company confirmed that it did not open the store to see some serious revenue stream but rather it is something it did for the Snap community. It’s mainly a strategy to drive loyalty to the brand and get some free marketing courtesy of the people wearing the branded merchandise.

But of course, the company could just be testing out the eCommerce potential of the app. A more serious revenue stream could be coming its way if the idea catches up and it could start charging other brands for selling their stuff through the app as well.

[Featured image via Snap Store]
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