CES 2012: Smartphone Integration Reaches Hilarious New Heights


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For the business worker who needs a phone in their phone, Nvoxia has you covered.

File this one under silly and unnecessary, the Invoxia NVX 610 being shown off at CES combines a desktop phone with an iPod, iPhone or iPad to make and receive calls.

The NVX 610 is a desktop phone with a port to fit your favorite iDevice in to replace the office phone. The calls are made from the iDevice and can be made to either office or phone contacts. The same is true for incoming calls as the device allows for integration of both contact lists. It uses Skype or SIP to make calls.

The phone’s main selling point is that it features excellent sound quality. The stand on which both phones sit is a speaker that can be used in hands-free mode for conference calls. It also allows the user to listen to all music and sound related apps on the iDevice.

The device can be remotely updated by the company so any and all future iDevices will be supported.

It features two USB ports on the back, one of which is taken by the corded handset. It also has two ethernet ports with one of them being a Power over Ethernet port to power the phone. Also features Bluetooth technology for wireless communication with your iPhone or iPod. It can also pair the phone with a wireless headset, thereby invalidating the need for the handset.


This may be the most needless device I have seen at CES this week. Every device has a market and I’m sure the NVX 610 will find a market. I just don’t see why we need to integrate a smartphone into everything. The NVX 610 represents the pinnacle of needless smartphone integration because it integrates the smartphone with a phone.

Is the NVX 610 a needless product? Are you tired of seeing smartphone integration with every other device? Does it seem useful to you? Let us know in the comments.