Six-clawed Lobster Discovered In Massachusetts


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When many fishermen head for the seas to catch lobsters to deliver to their local seafood eatery, they do not expect to bring back a creature so unique that it shocks the world. This was the case for Captain Peter Brown and Richard Figueiredo as they brought their unique find, a lobster with six claws, back to the mainland.

The six-clawed lobster named Lola was caught by Brown and Figueiredo of the Rachel Leah in Hyannis, Massachusetts. NBC News' article on Lola states the following physical description.

"Lola just might be rarer. She has a typically giant crushing claw on one side, but in place of the normal second claw, there's a hard-shelled appendage that's divided into five fingerlike claws. The abnormality earned Lola a place on this month's viral cabinet of curiosities, alongside a one-eyed kitten born in China."

The great news is that Lola did not end up any dinner plate since she was donated to the Maine State Aquarium at West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, on Thursday (source: CBS News). Aimee Hayden-Roderiques of the Maine State Aquarium exclaimed the following reaction to Lola as stated in the video below.

"A deformity like this where it's actually five different claws is definitely unusual, and something I've never seen before."

Lola has also caught the attention of various Twitter users:

Lola will be on display at the Maine State Aquarium starting today (Wednesday, September 10, 2013) until Sunday, September 29th, 2013. Lola will then join other crustaceans in other exhibits as she acclimates to her future habitat. Further information pertaining to the aquarium and its exhibits can be found here.

[Image source: ABC News]