'Sims 3 Movie Stuff' Superhero Costumes Teased


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Over one month ago, Maxis and EA announced both the Into the Future and Movie Stuff add-ons for The Sims 3. While fans of the series are waiting for the time-traveling, futuristic Into the Future expansion, the smaller Movie Stuff DLC pack should tide players over.

Movie Stuff will have costumes, furniture, and other objects from famous movie genres. The horror costumes have already been revealed to have a decidedly gothic feel. Today, a new video is showing just what sims that don superhero costumes will look like. Spandex tights for both heroes and villains can be seen, as well as some ridiculous-looking vehicles and doomsday weapons:

Movie Stuff will also include content from the Western movie genre. The content is scheduled for release on September 13.