Simon Cowell Says He Isn't Gay; Tulisa Contostavlos’ Drug Trial Gets Tossed

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In a recording played in court during Tulisa Contostavlos’ drug trial, Contostavlos’ PA Gareth Varey said that he knows men who have slept with Simon Cowell.

The secret recording was played last week where Varey told tabloid reporter Mazher Mahmood that Cowell is gay. Mahmood also asked Varey if he has slept with Cowell to which he replied, “No.” However, Varey said “One day I will when I make my move,” in response to the question why he hasn’t.

Many are now questioning whether Cowell is gay and his spokesperson released a statement that said, “Simon was referred to during the trial without forewarning, resulting in widespread media coverage of untrue claims regarding his private life.”

The statement also said that Cowell’s camp was obliged to clarify the issue, as Varey suggested that “Simon—who is renowned for his honesty and candidness—had thus not been truthful in the public arena.”

Contostavlos’ drug trial also collapsed, as the presiding judge said that some evidence shows that the undercover reporter made false statements during a hearing before the trial. The case was tossed and the judge told the jury that the case will not be pushed further.

Contostavlos, a former X-Factor judge, was charged with helping with a drug deal after she was targeted by Mahmood who is an undercover reporter for The Sun. During Mahmood’s meeting with Contostavlos’, he posed as a film producer offering her a role in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Mahmood is known for targeting many celebrities in tabloid stings.

Alleged recording of Tulisa Contostavlos having conversation with reporter about cocaine deal

Video of drug deal allegedly fixed by Tulisa Contostavlos

After the trial collapsed, Contostavlos walked out from the court with a smile and said that she was the victim of “disgusting entrapment.”

Mahmood has been suspended from The Sun and authorities are continuing their investigation. He is now facing jail time after authorities discovered that he had lied in court.

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