Shopycat: Walmart's Facebook App Helps You Find Better Christmas Gifts


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Searching for just the right gift for each person on your Christmas shopping list can feel like a swift kick to the jingle bells if you're buying for someone that would be commonly described as "hard to shop for." Second guessing ideas, embarrassing fears of your recipient asking for the gift receipt so they can return or exchange your present - it can be a bit harrowing.

If you fall into this category of holiday humbuggery, Facebook can be a reliable assistant for your gift-buying as you have all of the hobbies and interests of your friends and family aggregated onto one website. Still, that requires actually browsing through your friends' profiles and trying to make informed gift decisions based on the details that their profiles reveal. If that still sounds like too much work for you then you may want to consider enlisting a new tool to help ease your plight. Yesterday, Walmart announced the launch of a new Facebook app that seeks to make the onerous task of finding good Christmas gifts for your friends and family a little less burdensome this year. The app, Shopycat, aims to analyze the status updates, interests, likes, and shares of your Facebook friends in order to produce gift suggestions based on that information. The following video offers a brief demonstration of how Shopycat works:

Given that Walmart sells a nearly infinite assortment of items ranging from Batman comics to bananas to brassieres, they're probably the most suitable retailer to implement such an innovative app - Walmart's the consummate one-stop shopping center. And if Walmart doesn't have the exactly appropriate gift for your friend, you'll see suggestions for gifts from other retailers.

Perhaps the best part: this new app could be a great way for you to convincingly pretend that you've been paying attention to your friends' Facebook feeds and profiles.