Shooting Near Roosevelt Field Mall: 2 Shot, 1 Killed

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Residents of Garden City, an affluent community in Nassau County, NY, were on high alert this morning when news reports announced a shooting nearby the Roosevelt Field mall. Word of the shooting prompted the Roosevelt Field mall to go into lock-down. Police vehicles quickly went into action closing off surrounding streets while police helicopters surveyed the area. A number of local schools and businesses were affected and went into lock-down as well.

Garden City police confirmed that the shooting did not happen at the mall but instead just outside the premises. The incident actually took place on 645 South Street at approximately 10:50 am. The sound of gunfire sent shoppers and passersby fleeing in fear for their lives. NBC New York reported that the shooter went into the office of Savenergy,  a light fixture company,  and allegedly shot two people, killing one. The alleged shooter was identified by police as San Ho Kim, a 64 year old Asian man about 6' 2" in height and wearing a grey jacket at the time of the incident. Police also said the the man fled the scene in a Honda Pilot SUV with the license plate number FMA 3648.

Law enforcement officials suspect that the shooter may be a disgruntled former business associate of Savenergy. Supposedly he held a grudge over a business deal that didn't go well for him. They however,  do not believe that Kim intends to continue his shooting spree but ask residents to remain vigilant as he may still be armed and dangerous.

The Garden City school district took no chances with the safety of its students. 'We are holding all the students in the buildings at this time,” said Cindy Morris, secretary to the superintendent of Garden City public schools, Dr. Robert Feirsen, "We are in lockout in all public schools in Garden City.” The lock down continued till mid afternoon but the community remains shocked and fearful.

The identity of the man killed in the attack has not yet been announced. The surviving victim is said to be Savenergy's owner and  he is reportedly at the hospital being treated for his injuries. Garden City police are asking that anyone who sees Kim or knows of his whereabouts call 911 immediately.

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