Shonda Rhimes Talks End of 'Scandal'


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Now, before all of the devout “Scandal” fans go tearing into conniption, it's not over yet. The show has not been canceled, nor has there been any chatter about that. However, “Scandal” front-runner, Shonda Rhimes, did take a minute to offer some insight on the show's practical philosophy and her take on its future. Of course, she'd know the direction of the full story, because she wrote it! In a recent interview with NPR, Rhimes revealed that she has a relatively concise ending for “Scandal” and its number one problem solver, Olivia Pope.

“I feel like there is a finite amount of Scandal to be told," Rhimes told NPR. "So I know what the end of Scandal will be, and I feel really good about that. And I can see where the end point is. And I don't think I'm going to change that. ... I know how long I think it will be. But we'll see."


While it's hard not to take the words of the creator at face value, you have to look at it from a different perspective. For those who don't know, Rhimes is a major contributor to ABC's Thursday nights, but her work doesn't end with Scandal alone. In addition to being the creator of Scandal, Rhimes is also the creator of Grey's Anatomy. Rhimes also expressed the same sentiments of Grey's Anatomy, which is currently in its 10th season. However, she did end up changing her mind.


“I knew the end of Grey's Anatomy, and then we kept going, so that I finally just had to write that and move past it," admitted Rhimes. "Who knows, at this point, how long that show's going to go? It's going to go as long as I feel interested in what happens to those characters." Rhimes also went on to state the vast contrast between the two shows, declaring Scandal as a 'different kind of show.'

“It is very political. The political landscape on the outside, in the real world, will change – possibly before Scandal is over,” Rhimes stated.

If the drama of season 3 is anything to go by, Scandal won't be ending anytime soon. The season is only six episodes in, and it's already scorching. If the show's viewership is anything to go by, Scandal may far exceed the projected ending Rhimes has in mind, although no one really knows what she truly projects.

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