Shirley MacLaine Ignores Psychics' Tips on Selling Price of Her New Mexico Spiritual Oasis

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Anybody in the market for an oasis retreat in New Mexico?

Shirley MacLaine has listed her 7,450-acre spiritual retreat for $18 million, according to Forbes magazine.

The spiritual MacLaine said she listed the property at $18 million for a very specific reason. Although psychics told her to list the ranch for $30 million, she felt more comfortable with $18 million because the number it creates 9 (8+1) is claimed to be the number for completion.

Apparently Maclaine felt the value of completion was more important than the value of money.

MacLaine told the Wall Street Journal she is selling the secluded property to be closer to Santa Fe.

“I really need to be closer [to Santa Fe], or I would tend to become a complete recluse out there,” she said.

Plaza Blanca Ranch has been the 80-year-old's oasis in which to meditate, write and host retreats.

“The land itself insists on peace,” said the Academy Award-winning actress and author of several books, including Out on a Limb.

MacLaine has added her own unique touches to the original buildings on the property, which include nine bedrooms and five bathrooms, a yurt and an underground apartment. The rooms in the main house feature adobe walls and wood ceilings.

The property is also home to a horse barn, chicken coops, two ponds, a swimming pool, a greenhouse and a caretaker’s house.

The property is off the grid, so power originates from solar panels and a wind generator.

Looks like many veteran actresses are leaving behind their New Mexico retreats for greener pastures. MacLaine's contemporary, Jane Fonda, listed her Fork Lightning Ranch for $19.5 million last month.

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